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About Us

Brockton High School Administration

Kevin Mccaskill
Associate Principals of Academics
Bonnie Brady
Jennifer Morgan
Rachael Umbrianna
Associate Principals of School Climate and Culture
Garry Guilloteau
Nicole McLaren
Stephen McGunnigle
Assistant Principals
Sue England
Kevin Rooney
Bernadette Sullivan
Carlito Weaver

Brockton High School is a safe, supportive environment that provides 4,300 students with the knowledge, skills, values and behaviors necessary to become responsible and productive members of a diverse society. Instruction focuses on enabling students to demonstrate the literacy skills of reading, writing, speaking and reasoning and preparing them to participate actively as citizens in a technologically advanced society.

Staff is committed to enhancing intellectual and emotional connections through a personalized approach in both instruction and interpersonal relationships. Our school encourages and fosters positive, working relationships with students, families and the community.

Brockton High School focuses on two primary goals: improving academic achievement and creating a more personalized learning environment for all students. Efforts to achieve these goals have been guided by a 30-member Restructuring Committee consisting of faculty from all disciplines and school administrators.

Helping Students Transition to Brockton High School

High School administrators make presentations to all eighth grade students in the spring to help them successfully transfer to their new school. A presentation created by the Guidance Department highlights academics, extracurricular activities and discipline. A Freshman Orientation is held during the summer to make students more comfortable in their new school. Students also attend small group informational assemblies with follow-up assignments that help them know Brockton High School better and assist them in making good educational decisions.

Continuing the Literacy Initiative and Raising Academic Expectations for All Students

School-wide literacy initiatives in reading, writing, speaking and reasoning have helped our students improve their skills and succeed on the MCAS test. All teachers are trained in literacy strategies, and all new strategies are introduced to faculty members throughout the school. Professional Development at Brockton High School has focused on writing the open response, oral presentations, graphing skills and reading non-fiction across the curriculum to improve instruction. Rubrics have been developed to help teachers and students in all literacy areas.

Personalization and Creating a Respectful School Atmosphere

Students are recognized throughout the year for their positive achievements in athletics, academics and the arts, and also for their everyday efforts. Each term, students who make the Honor Roll are rewarded with an assembly of student performances, and the Boxer of the Month program recognizes students for the positive impact they make on their school and community.



Students can enter the building at 6:45 AM
Bell Rings at 7:15 AM for students go upstairs

Homeroom (takes place in Period 1):        
7:21 – 7:28     (7 min)

Period 1
7:28 –  8:23     (55 min)

Period 2
8:27  –  9:22    (55 min)

Period 3
9:26 – 10:21       (55 min)

Period 4
10:25 – 11:20     (55 min)

11:24 – 11:54     (30 min)

11:57 -  12:27     (30 min)

12:30 –   1:00     (30 min)

Period 6
1:04 –   1:59     (55 min)